Group Exhibition curated by Quinn Arneson
December 4 - 20, 2010


Quinn Arneson
Mark Aubert
Mario Ayala
Juan Manuel Bocca
Henry Gunderson
Ben Herndon
Lili Ishida
Kid Yellow
Kool Kid Kreyola
Hannah Kirby
Max Marttila
Alexander Ziv

Quinn Arneson (b. 1987) is a founding member of the represensible gnar-gnart performance group Princess and author of the infamous video Sacha Grey Returns. Chill Wave USA is his first curatorial project with the gallery. He lives and works in San Francisco.

Selected works from the exhibition —> Untitled, 2010 by Quinn Arneson  

Untitled, 2010 by Max Martilla 


Untitled, 2010 by Juan Manuel Bocca 

Untitled, 2010 by Henry Gunderson 

Average Day Picture (analog remix), 2010 by Mark Aubert