Chris Marker
Curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist
December 24 - Feb 8, 2014

Water McBeer presents the Nanomuseum curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist featuring works by French writer, photographer, film director, and multimedia artist Chris Marker.

Before his series of house-museum shows Obrist launched the Nanomuseum existing in a small pocket sized frame. Operating outside the constraints of a large scale museum structure the Nanomuseum functions on a zero dollar budget as a migrating conversation free from the limitations of conventional exhibition space and time.

"The Nanomuseum has much to do with the idea of the mobile museum. It's also interesting to think of it in relation to recent ideas of Anton Zeilinger, the Austrian scientist who was actually the first to prove the teletransportation of light through experiments. Zeilinger thinks that within ten years, we'll be able to teletransport matter, and that would not only be Star Trek in terms of 'Beam me up, Scotty', but would also mean the teletransportation of the museum. So instead of dying, there is a second possibility that leads us to the end or the beginning of the museum.

The Nanomuseum has only just begun."

-Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Chris Marker "Homage to Schnittke"

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Water McBeer with Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Homage to Schnittke detail

Klaus Biesenbach #selfie

Kanye West, Jacques Herzog, and Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Kim Kardashian and HUO

Katherine Dionysius, Andrew Elmendorf, and Simon Castets of 89plus